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Feb 27, 2013 5:00pm PST
. >> alberto ex savcerdote catÓlio y hoy duro critico seÑala que a jo joseph ratzinger se le puede u acusar de este delito. >> los crimeÍmenes contra la i humanidad, solamente pueden i r ingresar a la esfera, cuando el estado en cuestiÓn debido a su i indiferencia, o complicidad, no ha podido o se ha negado ponerle fin a los crimeÍmenes. >> la posibilidad de unirse al c coronel que reclama el pre3ffec de la congregaciÓn de la doctri doctrina de la fe, no es lej a lejana. >> es posible crear o habrÁn u grupos de perassonas preparada p para decir esto, se puede hacer un juicio. >> pero la sombra que una mha mo la lucha de estos hombres e. a >> el me>> el >> el me>> e >> los estudiosos de la fe tambiÉn discrepan de po posibilidades de ver e benedicto xvi en un tribunal. >> Él es el arbque sacudiÓ eÁrbl de frutos prohibidos, tanta v t victoria no puede terminar en un fracaso. >> (silbidos( as prsi las pres n dmuestran, la crisis podrÍa f c fractuarrar aÚn mÁs a la igles c catoÓlica. >> hasta religiosos y como Él ha dicho que tendrÁ que ser alguien mÁs joven quien lleg
Feb 20, 2013 12:00pm PST
the use of his name joseph ratzinger. >>> many children with dyslexia have difficulty reading. scientists in northwestern university found their brains interpret sounds differently. researchers found giving children listening devices that transmit their teacher's voice directly into their ears can help improve their reading skills. >>> researchers at carnegie- mellon think they have discovered who is most likely to catch a cold. scientists measure protein complexes at the ends of chromosomes and they say young and middle-aged adults with shorter chromosome caps were more susceptible to infection and there's no real way to show if you have shorter caps but if you get sick a lot, you now know it may just be because of your genes. so hey. >> i didn't know that. >> now you do. >>> here's an interesting story. men with facial hair are less likely to get sick, believe it or not. that's according to new research from the university of southern queensland in australia. those mustaches and beards are much more than a fashion statement. they trap a
Feb 24, 2013 10:00am EST
usted estÁ hnablando, en su libro sorbbre p jospjos joseph ratzinger, se refiere a las denuncias de abuso sexual e dentro de la iglesia catÓlica, por sacerdotes, 9 mil xcasos d u documentados, esto tuvo que ver con al rla renuncia del papa benedicto xvi >>> por claro, la renuncia tab estaba acelerada por tdodas la p problemas que son por toda la exlo de plosiÓn d b problemas que han sido en la i l igig iglesia catÓlica, especialmente pcatÓlica re de ela iglesia el rpb dproblema de vatileaks, b problema de la corrupciÓn de la banca at vaticnana, el problema la lucha de cardenales, el p problema de la oposiciÓn al s secretario de estado bertone que tambiÉn tenÍa un cierto peso en el cargo de ponftificado del p pappapa benedicto xvi el hecho que todas las gestiones de los abuso sexuales el ppaa apa tnei aeÍnea muy de corazÓn contra los abusos ,abusos, pero por otro lado no a obligado a los obibispos a den denunciar los abusos, no haobl g haobligado a los obispos de t todos los paÍses a abrir los a archivos, donde hay mhauchas p s personas desconocidas. >>> usted cree que
Feb 25, 2013 4:00pm PST
and europeans. they were very much in place under pope benedict xvi when he was cardinal joseph ratzinger. maybe it's time for someone outside of rome, who is not engrained in this culture, mabe it's time from someone from a developing nation, someone else to clean house. >> raymond, a former catholic friar in england spoke to christia christiane amanpour, and what he said, it really stuck with me. i wanted to play it for you. his name is mark dowd. >> homosexuality is the ticking time bomb in the catholic church. on the one hand, the church teaches that the condition of same-sex attraction is intrinsically disordered, those are ratzinger's own words from 1996, but we know about half if not all of people attracted to the seminaries are gay themselves. >> ratzinger is pope benedict. is this true? >> i think you have to step back for a second, erin. this is hardly a news flash. father donald cousins wrote about this 20 years ago. father andrew greely coined the phrase lavender mafia talking about a subculture within the catholic church. but barbie was quite right. this is focusing the electorate's
Feb 11, 2013 7:00am PST
. when john paul died, we knew that joseph ratzinger who became pope benedict xvi, he was a very powerful man in the vatican the pope's enforcer in some ways. we all knew his name. we don't really know the names of any of these people now. but, so it's going to be a much more diverse, i think, selection process. >> what are the chances that we'll see a pope from central america or africa? >> it will tough to do that. majority of the catholics are in the southern hemisphere. growing church in africa and latin america. it would make a lot of sense to do that. i think it would be pretty hard to wrestle the power away from europe especially the italians. >> all right, it will be a really interesting couple of weeks. cokie, thank you so much. >>> elizabeth thanks. now to the other big headlines. the extreme weather slamming the country. tornadoes tearing across the country. sam is tracking it all. two blizzards. a real round of severe storms. we'll start with the pictures out of minnesota. it was the sunday blizzard. not the friday one. the one in the middle of country that put anywhere from 1
Feb 12, 2013 7:00am PST
to being a cardinal. take his old name, joseph ratzinger. will he be able to counsel the next pope? >> well, if the next pope would like it, i'm sure he could. however, if -- some people have suggested, wait a minute. you're going to have two popes at work. that's not true. the pope is retiring because he wants to retire. if he wanted to have influence on the church still, he would stay as pope. i would expect very much -- the fact he's going to a monastery -- will be living in a monastery is significant. he wants a quiet life of study and of prayer. i assume that if the new pope wants to ask his counsel, he's clearly going to give it. but he's not going to go -- he's not going to be there looking to try to influence the next pope. >> and the new -- the cardinals will be meeting right after the pope resigns on february 28th at 8:00 p.m. will the deliberations about the next pope begin immediately? >> they could begin. we'll find out that in the next few days. they could technically begin as early as the day after, as early as march 1st. but you have to remember, it's never the conclave, whi
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)